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Cycling routes in Noord-Holland

Child-friendly tour 31 km 1 hour and 45 minites

Enjoy this route with your family on the bike and wander through the woods, dunes and go on the road of discovery! This route leads you along the old Schoorldam straight through the polders to the coast of Petten and then cycle along the coast to the forest and dunes of Schoorl. Spot nearly 900 different mushrooms or see how many plants you can find. Discover how the tulip from Tibet came to the Netherlands in the Land of Fluwel. Play until you no longer can at park the Goldfish. All this while you cycled all the way there yourself . Through the dunes, on windie roads , with beautiful tulip fields, in the meadows, you see the lambs, goats and cows. You can go just a little bit further and then enjoy a delicious pancake at Duinvermaak.
Tip: If you want to see much more of the area, book a nice stay at Bungalow Park Jamarco in Schoorl.

You can cycle this route with the  Freebee Map brouchure with cycling routes, or scan the QR code and cycle it digitally via your phone. You can start at any point on this route.

If you follow the route via the nodes, you start at Herenweg hoek Oorsprongweg in Schoorl  45-44-41-32-80-40-29 38-37-87-33-88-22-39-20-21-45

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