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Cycling routes in Noord-Holland

Child-friendly tour

We also have the possibility to cycle the cycle route digitally via your mobile phone, you can then start at any point of the route. When you click on the yellow bar with show my location on the mobile website, you will be guided to the cycling route via the shortest route

42 km / 2:30 uur

Go on a bike with your family and wander through the forest, the dunes and go on a journey of discovery along the way! This route leads you along the old Schoorldam, right through the polders to the coast of Petten and then along the coast to the forest and dunes of Schoorl. Spot almost 900 different mushrooms or see how many plant species you can discover in the dunes. Rent a bike at Masteling Tweewielers and get on a duo bike! In Theme Park de Goudvis play until you can't anymore. All this while you have cycled all the way there yourself. Straight through the dunes, over winding dike roads, with beautiful tulip fields, in the meadows the lambs, goats and cows.

If you want to cycle over the junctions, without a digital application, the starting point is:

Hargerzeeweg in Greeting: 21-20-46-47-45-44-74-41-32-43-42-38-37-33-87-88-29-40-73-21

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