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Welcome to the city pages of Alkmaar


Alkmaar is a beautiful city with plenty to do for young and old! It is a city with a special atmosphere, partly due to the characteristic canals and historic buildings. It has many ancient traditions and is known as the City of Cheese. In Alkmaar, you can go for lovely walks, go shopping, or enjoy a meal or a drink in one of the many restaurants and pubs in the Waagplein square. There is also plenty to do in the evenings, as Alkmaar has the best nightlife in the area so it is always vivacious!

Information about Alkmaar



Practical information

Here you will find information about Alkmaar:

- How to reach the city
- What about parking
- Important addresses and telephone numbers

you can prepare your journey with the directions on this page.


Practical information

Current events

Date Time Town Event Location
16 July10:00-17:00AlkmaarEx.: Naval battleMarine museum
16 July10:00-17:00AlkmaarHistorical exhibits in the TurretMarine museum
16 July10:00-17:00AlkmaarEx.: Marine in the spotlightMarine museum
16 July10:00-17:00AlkmaarEx.: Ship and yardMarine museum
16 July11:00-17:00AlkmaarExh.: VictorieStedelijk museum Alkmaar
16 July11:00-17:00AlkmaarExh.: Portrait of AlkmaarStedelijk museum Alkmaar
16 July11:00-17:00AlkmaarExh.: The golden century of AlkmaarStedelijk museum Alkmaar
16 July11:00-16:30AlkmaarBeatles museumPettemerstraat
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