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Welcome in Volendam !


Volendam, the pearl of the former Zuyder Sea, is a famous ancient traditional fishing village on Lake IJssel. Thousands of tourists come here from throughout the world to enjoy the authentic atmosphere, the little streets and the views of the harbour where boats set sail to and arrive from Marken. Volendam is a village that you must have visited some time in your life. On De Dijk there are numerous restaurants, little outdoor cafés and shops for buying souvenirs and for browsing; and in one of the shops you can have your photo taken wearing a traditional Volendam costume. In the quiet little streets of the Doolhof, you will feel transported back a hundred years in time. Volendam is not only known as a fishing village but also for its music and traditional costume.

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Practical information

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Some Rules surrounding Covid-19 in the Netherlands are:

  • Use of a face mask is mandatory when traveling by public transport.( taxi, tram, train,bus and ferry)
  • Mandatory on using a Face mask in public areas (shops, streets, etc.)
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  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for longer than 25 seconds
  • Cough and sneeze in a tissue or on the inside of your elbow.

Be well informed about the current Covid-19 rules in the Netherlands.

Practical information

Current events

Date Time Town Event Location
27 May08:30-18:00VolendamTour of Alida HoeveZeddeweg 1, Volendam
27 Maydiv.tijdenVolendamTour Volendam with guideVolendam
28 May08:30-18:00VolendamTour of Alida HoeveZeddeweg 1, Volendam
28 Maydiv.tijdenVolendamTour Volendam with guideVolendam
29 May08:30-18:00VolendamTour of Alida HoeveZeddeweg 1, Volendam
29 Maydiv.tijdenVolendamTour Volendam with guideVolendam
30 May08:30-18:00VolendamTour of Alida HoeveZeddeweg 1, Volendam
30 Maydiv.tijdenVolendamTour Volendam with guideVolendam
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