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Cycling routes in Noord-Holland

North Holland is known for the beautiful bulb fields, bustling seaside resorts with their beautiful nature reserves. The many Dutch historic towns (Dutch heritage) and smaller towns/villages are also worth a visit. Get on your bike, get acquainted, and discover our versatile North Holland!. We have made some beautiful routes for you. Click on a route below and you can immediately start cycling. Lots of fun

Child-friendly tour Circular dyke between Enkhuizen Medemblik Medieval times, monks and a salty sea breeze Zee, bollen en polders Dutch view with idyllic villages Where town and dunes come together Cape Hoorn 'The Good Hope' route Hollandse Glorie route Bijzonder Landgoed Cycle to the herring town of Enkhuizen Endless IJsselmeer E-chopper route:Hondsbossche Zeewering/ polder route From salt to sweet E-chopper route: Hollands zicht met idyllische dorpen E-chopper Rondje Bergen

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Cycling routes in Zuid-Holland

Cycling through South Holland through our Dutch Glory, think of our peat landscape with vast polders, lakes and rivers and our fantastic water sports lakes, sea, beach and dunes. Our historic cities and their beautiful canals. Get on your bike, get acquainted, and discover our versatile South Holland!. We have made some beautiful routes for you. Click on a route below and you can immediately start cycling. Lots of fun !

Special county Estate Haagse bluf route DISCOVER KATWIJK ROUTE Leidse water route Door de bollenstreek route HOLLANDSE WATERLINIE

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Callantsoog is a cozy family seaside resort located behind the narrowest row of dunes in the Netherlands in the north of North Holland.

This region is known as one of the cleanest areas in the Netherlands. The landscape consists of beach, sea, dunes, polders and flower fields. So you are almost directly on the beach from the village.

In North Holland are beautiful old Dutch villages and towns. Together they form one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the Netherlands. Villages where time seems to have stood still: with windmills, old wooden houses and narrow streets. Historic towns and cities, teeming with North Holland. Whether you like monumental buildings and narrow streets or a real Dutch look with a rich fishing past, there is always a village to fall in love with.

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Alkmaar is a beautiful city with plenty to do for young and old! It is a city with a special atmosphere, partly due to the characteristic canals and historic buildings. It has many ancient traditions and is known as the City of Cheese. In Alkmaar, you can go for lovely walks, go shopping, or enjoy a meal or a drink in one of the many restaurants and pubs in the Waagplein square. There is also plenty to do in the evenings, as Alkmaar has the best nightlife in the area so it is always vivacious!

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Experience Amsterdam with the handy and beautiful Freebee Map!

Few things are more pleasant than strolling through Amsterdam. Whether you know the city or not, it is very useful to have a map of the city that shows all the sights.

The Freebee Map is beautifully designed and very practical.

The map clearly shows all the places of interest. We also give you information about travelling to and within Amsterdam by metro, tram and even night buses.

The regions of Haarlem, Delft and Utrecht, and Alkmaar, Hoorn and Haarlem also have a place on the map, because a visit to Amsterdam often whets your appetite for more.

Freebee Maps have a unique folding design that makes them easy to fold in no time.

Please hover your mouse over the images below to view an enlargement.

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Bergen (Noord-Holland)

For a relaxing day at the beach, Bergen and Schoorl are lovely seaside villages to visit. Bergen is a traditional village in Noord-Holland located in a beautiful wooded landscape, where you can enjoy nature to the full. Beyond the dunes lies Bergen aan Zee with its fantastic long beaches. An extraordinary area for great walks and cycling trips.

Bergen is known as an artists’ village and attracts many painters, writers and architects. The village therefore organizes many art activities. It also has an atmospheric village centre where you can enjoy a delicious drink or a meal in the many pubs and restaurants, or browse in the little shops.

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Bergen aan Zee

Bergen aan Zee is a seaside village in the municipality of Bergen, the resort is located directly on the North Sea coast and has about 470 residents.
The village is quite young; The village was created by a vision of large landowner and Lord of Bergen, Mayor Jacob van Reenen He left in 1905 to build the Seaway designed by the famous landscape architect Springer and began the construction of Cafe Prince Maurice.
Also mayoress Maria van Reenen-Völter strained for the development of the resort. Through its published book in which she described the attractiveness of Bergen, many artists settled in Bergen. She also made sure that was pulled from the Bergen a tram line in 1909 to Bergen aan Zee. This was a direct train from Amsterdam to Bergen. There was, by private initiative a completely new village in 1906.
Bergen aan Zee paid parking from 1 March to 1 October.
There is one entrance to Bergen aan Zee, this can cause traffic jams on busy days.

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Delft is a city definitely worth visiting for a day out. It is the city of origin of the world famous Delft Blue pottery and the artist Johannes Vermeer. The historical city centre offers much in the way of interest for culture lovers, fun shoppers, historians and tourists. The shady squares, peaceful inner courtyards and romantic canals make time stand still. Delft is a lovely place for a stroll. It is atmospheric and picturesque with its traditional building fronts. Nevertheless, the city has moved with the times and nowadays has the reputation as an academic city, thanks to the TNO University of Technology and research institute.

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Den Helder

Den Helder is the northernmost municipality in the province of North Holland. The area Den Helder is also known as the Kop van Noord-Holland or Noordkop. Total municipality of Den Helder has about 60,000 residents. Den Helder is the main naval base in the Netherlands and also the embarkation point for the boat to the island of Texel. Den Helder has a center with several shopping and visit Tuesday Beachcombing Market in the summer months. Beautiful spacious beaches with beautiful dunes. Also an imposing dike, which ends at Lands End. The port is well worth it and you can eat fresh fish there!

The villages of Petten and Callantsoog are located in De kop van Noord Holland, right on the coast. The cozy town of Schagen with the West Frisian folklore market on Thursdays. Bordering the Wadden Sea and the Ijselmeer, the area Wieringen with In Den Oever is the fresh fish market on Saturdays.

The North of Holland is a beautiful area to discover!


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If you feel like soaking up history for a day, Edam is the place to visit. Edam is a well preserved town on the former Zuyder Sea, and Edam has a rich history of shipbuilding, timber trade and trading. Have a lovely stroll through the old centre and discover historic tea-houses, city farms, churches, warehouses, squares and canals. Around the Damplein square there are many monuments such as the former Butter market with a beautiful colonnade; and the former Town Hall, a stately building with purple-tinted stone, now used as an exhibition area by the Edam Museum. The Edam Museum is situated on the other side of the square, housed in a former merchant’s house. A walk through Edam is like visiting an open air museum.

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For a day of rest or an active day at the beach, you will thoroughly enjoy a visit to Egmond. The area of Egmond consists of three centuries-old villages - Egmond Binnen, Egmond aan den Hoef and the characteristic seaside resort of Egmond aan Zee, which fall under the municipality of Bergen. Egmond is a very popular tourist resort, and the beach at Egmond aan Zee attracts many visitors annually. There are a great deal of recreational activities available, such as mountain biking, kayaking, walking and cycling. There are many activities organized during the summer months. There is still a community of Benedictine monks living in Egmond Binnen.

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Enkhuizen is a city and municipality in the West Friesland region. The municipality is located on both Markermeer and Ijsselmeer. Enkhuizen is known as the "herring city" because of its past as a center for herring fishing. The city is, among other things because of the water sports, an important tourist center. In addition, the town has internationally renowned seed companies and horticulture, as well as a plastic industry cluster.

Enkhuizen was one of the most prosperous cities in the Netherlands in the 17th century. As a member of the VOC, the city gained power and influence. The rich history of Enkhuizen is still visible when you walk through the old town with many mansions, canals, churches, city walls and harbors.

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For an enjoyable day out at the shops, relaxing, taking in the culture or dining out, Haarlem is the ideal city. It is a lovely place to spend time, with its beautiful station, the canals, buildings and atmospheric shopping streets. Haarlem attracts many tourists and is just a short distance from the seaside resorts of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal. With a total of 19 inner courtyards, Haarlem certainly deserves the title of Hofjesstad van Nederland, the Inner Courtyard City of the Netherlands. There are also numerous fun activities for the little ones to do in Haarlem.

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The pearl of the Golden Age; Horn

The beautiful, historic harbors of Hoorn are a real pearl. No more than a 40-minute drive from Amsterdam. These were once home to the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the world's most powerful trading company in the seventeenth century. In addition, these ports were important hubs in the trade network that spanned the world. Competitive, enterprising, adventurous, pioneering and incredibly wealthy. The explorers were inventors, scientists and artists. During the Golden Age it belonged to the most important cities of Holland. Ships from Hoorn sailed the world's oceans and discovered new trade routes. For example, 400 years ago, captains Schouten and LeMaire found a new route to the East via Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of Chile. They named the cape after their hometown of Hoorn. On their journey they also discovered an archipelago which they called the Hoorn Islands. And so it can happen that the name of Hoorn can be found three times on the world map. This rich heritage is still visible everywhere today and that makes Hoorn and Enkhuizen hotspots for culture lovers.The Westfries Museum is an engaging and idiosyncratic museum that tries to surprise the visitor by making innovative connections with the past. Even though the museum is currently closed for a longer period due to a major restoration and renovation, they tell the story about the history of Hoorn and West Friesland in their temporary museum location in the Statenpoort on the Nieuwstraat. From June 1 2023

Take a walk through the Grote Oost with its stately buildings, which clearly show the wealth and prosperity of the city, to the harbor of Hoorn. This is one of the most popular places in Hoorn for the residents of Hoorn and visitors. Time sometimes seems to stand still here. Money was earned here for centuries, especially in the seventeenth century. With whaling, with the trade in wood and salt, spices, coffee, tea, sugar, etc. Around 1725, one in three residents of Hoorn earned their living in seafaring . In addition, shipyards, warehouses and sailmakers also offered work to many Horinese.


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Fancy a day at the South Holland coast? Katwijk is very popular for its beach and beautiful young dunes. In the center of Katwijk you can still find small streets that needed protection against the fierce wind from the sea. In Katwijk is enjoying spic and span. Sun, sea and sand, of course, but also endlessly roam the dunes, a variety of museums and historical sites, shopping right behind the boulevard and alight at the end of the day at one of the many terraces or dine at an excellent (fish )restaurant. For children there is plenty to do in and around Katwijk.

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For a great day out, go on a voyage of discovery through Leiden. Leiden is certainly worth visiting. The other name people use for Leiden is Key City, because of the Leiden coat of arms, two red crossed keys, that are omnipresent in the city, like a leitmotif. The rich history, museums, the many restaurants and cafés, various cultural events and good choice of shops make Leiden an attractive and lively city. Leiden is also renowned as a student city.

Want something different? Then take the boat to visit Leiden from the water. In some places you can get on a unique cruise along special places in the history of Leiden. Of course you can also rent a boat or pedalo to admire the jewels of the city from the water.

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West Frisian oldest city

Medemblik, the oldest city in West Friesland, is situated in the middle of all the peace and quiet. With the Regatta Center, the city has a water sport center with international allure where national and international sailing competitions are organized.

In the center you will find modern and historic brotherly side by side. Beautiful yachts and historic ships from the brown fleet moor in the modern harbors of the historic city center. Sitting on one of the terraces you can watch a drink from behind the bustle of the water.

The city has many museums; Castle Radboud, dating from the end of the 13th century, stands in a prominent place. The most delicious delicacies are baked in the traditional way at the Bakery Museum and at the Steam Room you can learn everything about the development of the steam engine. Medemblik is also the stopping place for the Hoorn-Medemblik steam tram.

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Noordwijk is a modern seaside resort in Zuid-Holland, with a vast sandy beach, bustling promenades and an atmospheric village centre. Noordwijk lies right in the heart of the bulb flower region and is comprised of Noordwijk aan Zee and Noordwijk Binnen. Noordwijk is the ideal place for a great day out or an enjoyable holiday.

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Schagen is a pleasant North Holland town with around 19,000 inhabitants. No shortage of history, because Schagen and its historic villages such as Tuitjenhorn, Warmenhuizen and Dirkshorn were already mentioned in texts from the year 975. In 1415, Willem VI granted Schagen its own city rights and Schagen has grown considerably since then.

In North Holland there are beautiful old Dutch villages and towns. Together they form one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the Netherlands. Villages where time seems to have stood still: with mills, old wooden houses and narrow streets. Historical cities and towns, it is teeming with North Holland. Whether you like monumental buildings and narrow streets or a true Dutch appearance with a rich fishing history, or if you are looking for more nature and want to do something fun with the children? For example, pick your own fruit and flowers in the self-picking garden at ByBroersen in Warmenhuizen! There is always a village to fall in love with.

The friendly atmosphere that surrounds Schagen and the surrounding areas can be felt when you walk through the narrow shopping streets, or sit down at one of the terraces around the pleasant market square, opposite the Grote Kerk. Is the weather against? Then the Makado shopping center is just around the corner. The culture lover enters the Vreeburg Farm and Carriage Museum or the Schagen Car Museum.

Every Thursday morning (from the end of June to the beginning of September) you will find yourself in Schagen in days gone by. During the West Frisian Folklore you can marvel at a colorful parade of historic vehicles and Schagenese in typical West Frisian clothing! Every market has a different theme that varies from dance, music, traditional costume to ring stitches.

Schagen has its own train station which makes the connection with Alkmaar, Haarlem and Amsterdam very good. A resident of Schagen is traditionally called Schagenees.

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Scheveningen is the most popular seaside resort in the Netherlands, where you can have a lovely time both in the summer and the winter. As well as the wide beach and the charming promenade, this seaside resort has a wide range of attractions and museums, such as the Casino, the Circustheater musical theatre, a large cinema complex, the renovated Pier and an indoor shopping mall. In other words, Scheveningen is not just a place to relax on the beach, but it has plenty of other activities to offer.

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Information about Schoorl

Schoorl is a beautiful place in North Holland belonging to the municipality of Bergen. Here you can walk, cycle and enjoy the nature in the Schoorl dunes. This is the widest and most varied nature reserve along the Dutch coast.

The dune village Schoorl has been known as a tourist village since the end of the nineteenth century. Artists' village, dunes, beach and the climbing dune, the highest in the Netherlands.

You can plan a bike ride for a wonderful day enjoying the beach and sea. You will find 3 beautiful routes in this brochure. For children there is the climbing dune in the center of Schoorl. Children can enjoy themselves here, run and roll through the sand. Adults can also enjoy themselves here, or you can of course sit on a terrace and watch everyone enjoy themselves. You can take a relaxing walk through the woods or the dunes and there are beautiful cycling routes in this area. You can also take a nice walk through the polders via Schoorl is also fun for shoppers and has a pleasant center where you can browse. The visitor center Schoorlse Duinen offers all kinds of activities and for the children there is the gnome path Schoorlse Duin gnome treasure hunt. Along the path in the dunes of Schoorl there are gnomes with various activities for the children. The children are given a backpack with everything they need to do the activities and they can even wear a cute gnome hat for the scavenger hunt.


In Schoorl you will find the Reformed Church from the 17th century and certainly worth a visit. After the collapse of its predecessor in the night of 19 to 20 April 1779, the present church was built in 1782-1783, which was consecrated on January 25, 1784. The one-aisled hall church in gothic style, with pointed arch windows, buttresses and three-sided closure. On the west side of the roof is a wooden turret with an eight-sided spire. The Former Town Hall was built in 1601 and is the smallest and oldest town hall in the Netherlands. And served until 1901. The monument still has many original features such as the walls, floors and fireplace. In front of the path is a statue of Jan van Scorel, who was the illegitimate son of a village priest. He was a painter and draftsman. The Kijkduin flour mill dates from 1772 and every Saturday the miller stands by the mill when it is opened to the public for a look or a tour. It is a round stone mill built on an elevation. Flour products are also sold.

The North Sea beach of Schoorl can only be reached on foot or by bicycle. Alternatives are the beaches of Hargen and Camperduin, which you can reach by bus or car.

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The Hague

The Hague is the political capital of the Netherlands, a city with a royal character and many purveyors to the royal household. There are many stately places of interest to visit, such as the palaces, the Binnenhof where parliament sits, and the royal house where Queen Beatrix lives. The oldest part of the city, the area around the Binnenhof, is where the main historical buildings of The Hague are located. The city has many foreign embassies, situated in the stately streets of the city. The Hague is a great place for everyone to visit for one or more days. The Hague has many museums, parks and nature areas. A beautiful and fascinating city, where there is much to admire.

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Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands with unique dynamics. It is a city, municipality and the capital of the province of Utrecht. Utrecht was one of the first cities in the Netherlands of the present day to be granted city rights. The city has a long history and an important historical centre. One of the characteristics of the city are the dockyards: here, you can walk round and discover the medieval city centre and the Dom of Utrecht, a magnificent Gothic church, giving Utrecht its other name of ‘Dom city’.

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Volendam, the pearl of the former Zuyder Sea, is a famous ancient traditional fishing village on Lake IJssel. Thousands of tourists come here from throughout the world to enjoy the authentic atmosphere, the little streets and the views of the harbour where boats set sail to and arrive from Marken. Volendam is a village that you must have visited some time in your life. On De Dijk there are numerous restaurants, little outdoor cafés and shops for buying souvenirs and for browsing; and in one of the shops you can have your photo taken wearing a traditional Volendam costume. In the quiet little streets of the Doolhof, you will feel transported back a hundred years in time. Volendam is not only known as a fishing village but also for its music and traditional costume.

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