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The pearl of the Golden Age; Horn

The beautiful, historic harbors of Hoorn are a real pearl. No more than a 40-minute drive from Amsterdam. These were once home to the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the world's most powerful trading company in the seventeenth century. In addition, these ports were important hubs in the trade network that spanned the world. Competitive, enterprising, adventurous, pioneering and incredibly wealthy. The explorers were inventors, scientists and artists. During the Golden Age it belonged to the most important cities of Holland. Ships from Hoorn sailed the world's oceans and discovered new trade routes. For example, 400 years ago, captains Schouten and LeMaire found a new route to the East via Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of Chile. They named the cape after their hometown of Hoorn. On their journey they also discovered an archipelago which they called the Hoorn Islands. And so it can happen that the name of Hoorn can be found three times on the world map. This rich heritage is still visible everywhere today and that makes Hoorn and Enkhuizen hotspots for culture lovers.The Westfries Museum is an engaging and idiosyncratic museum that tries to surprise the visitor by making innovative connections with the past. Even though the museum is currently closed for a longer period due to a major restoration and renovation, they tell the story about the history of Hoorn and West Friesland in their temporary museum location in the Statenpoort on the Nieuwstraat. From June 1 2023

Take a walk through the Grote Oost with its stately buildings, which clearly show the wealth and prosperity of the city, to the harbor of Hoorn. This is one of the most popular places in Hoorn for the residents of Hoorn and visitors. Time sometimes seems to stand still here. Money was earned here for centuries, especially in the seventeenth century. With whaling, with the trade in wood and salt, spices, coffee, tea, sugar, etc. Around 1725, one in three residents of Hoorn earned their living in seafaring . In addition, shipyards, warehouses and sailmakers also offered work to many Horinese.


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Current events

Date Time Town Event Location
14 Aprilgehele dagHoornDiscover the 800-year-old West Frisian Omringdijk25 start locaties
14 Aprilhele dagHoornPala - Nutmeg Tales of BandaHoorn
14 April11:00-15:00HoornDiscover the story of HoornNieuwstraat 23, Statenpoort
14 April11:00-15:00HoornDiscover the story of HoornNieuwstraat 23, Statenpoort
14 April12:00-17:00Hoorn90 Years of LegoMuseum van de 20ste eeuw
14 Aprilhele dagHoornDiscover the story of HoornStatenpoort, Nieuwstraat 23, Hoorn
14 Aprilhele dagHoornDiscover the story of HoornStatenpoort, Nieuwstraat 23, Hoorn
14 Aprilhele dagHoorndiscover 800 yr.OmringdikeWestfries Omringdijk
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