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Cycling routes in Noord-Holland

Dutch view with idyllic villages

38 km / 2:00 uur

This route takes you past the Geestmerambacht Nature Reserve and the beautiful polders of North Holland. The route starts at Hortus Alkmaar on the Beverkoog industrial estate. Step inside the Hortus, a 2-hectare oasis of nature with as many as 800 species of medicinal plants. Enjoy the rock garden, the vegetable garden, the dune garden, the heath forest, the American forest, the special pond and if you are lucky, 'our' kingfishers. A nice drink with a bite to eat on our atmospheric terrace is also highly recommended.Turn right next to the old VSM headquarters onto the cycle path and ride along the back road into Sint Pancras. Cycle through the Geestmerambacht Nature Reserve. If you haven't had enough of our beautiful North Holland, we can recommend Camping de Kolibrie. Lovely, friendly campsite with all the facilities in the middle of the Dutch polder landscape.

You can cycle this route with the brouchure Freebee Map with cycling routes, or scan the QR code and cycle it digitally on your phone. (also in own language)

If you want to cycle along the nodes, the starting point is:

by Hortus : 68>92>95>93>44>74>82>54>61>97>96>94>70>14< and then back to Hortus.






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