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Cycling routes in Noord-Holland

Zee, bollen en polders

This route leads you through the dunes of Callantsoog, along the coast to Petten and on winding dikes and quiet long roads you cycle past villages such as Tuitjenhorn, Schagen and 't Zand. Most hours of sunshine can be found in the Netherlands on the North Sea coast. In the North Holland polder, you have a good chance of driving this route in bright weather. The route starts in the dunes of Callantsoog at Hotel 't Zwaantje. Here you can charge the battery of your bicycle and for yourself. Enjoy the beautiful dune area towards Petten. On winding dykes and quiet country roads you cycle through farmland and bulb fields where tulips, daffodils and hyacinths bloom in the first months of the season. The landscape is lined with countless ditches and canals. During your tour you will pass a number of striking buildings.
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You can cycle this route with the brouchure Freebee Map with cycling routes, or scan the QR code and cycle it digitally on your phone. (also in own language)

If you follow the route via the nodes, you start at junction: 26 -> than follow the route to : -> 31->37->38->29->40->80->32->41->74->82->83->50->25->45->35->44->32->79->81->13->84>26


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