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Welcome in Callantsoog!

Information about Callantsoog

Callantsoog is one of the oldest and most beautiful seaside resorts in the country. It is a beautiful, small-scale family resort on the North Sea with a very pleasant center. Here are many shops, terraces and restaurants around a beautiful village square. The beach and sea are easy to reach due to the narrow row of dunes. A number of beach pavilions are open all year round, so you can warm up after a fresh walk on the beach with a cup of steaming chocolate milk. There is a cozy atmosphere in the village because most shops are open on Sundays all year round.

The location and Surroundings

Callantsoog is a beautiful seaside resort in the Kop van Noord-Holland directly on the North Sea. The cozy center is located directly behind the dunes. Callantsoog may have the most beautiful beach in the Netherlands, but the surrounding area is also definitely worth a visit. Get on your bike and don't forget your photo camera. There is a very beautiful nature reserve 'The Swan Lake' and around Callantsoog you will find many beautiful bulb fields in the spring. Definitely worth a visit. It is a beautiful location for a weekend break or a longer holiday. You can spend the night in a hotel or campsite or in one of the beautiful holiday homes in Callantsoog. Den Helder is a 20-minute drive away (12 km). Here you can take the boat to one of our beautiful eilands, Texel.

All the things to do in Callantsoog

The Dorpsplein has a unique location directly against the dunes and within walking distance of the beach. You can shop here to your heart's content. Most shops are also open on Sundays. There are also many restaurants, bars and many nice terraces when the sun is out. In the summer months there is a street fair every Wednesday evening. Also visit the beautiful Jutters- en Kunstmuseum Callantsoog. Here you will find a collection of jute finds from the sea that have washed up on the beach, including bombs, gold, amber and grenades and much more. really worth a visit.

Parking in Callantsoog

Parking in Callantsoog is free outside the center and plenty of parking places. In the center you need a blue parking card and you can park for a maximum of 1 hour for free. In high season it is more difficult to park, but Callantsoog center is easily accessible by bus.


In Calantsoog you will find the oldest building in the village, the church. This was built in 1671. The Kerkklok comes from an earlier church and was made in 1491.

In the center is also the Museum Farm "Tante Jaante". The farm was built between 1800 and 1850. Here you can see how people used to live and work in Callantsoog.





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