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Welcome in Edam !

Information about Edam

If you feel like spending a day soaking up history, Edam is the place to visit. A well-preserved town on the former Zuiderzee, Edam has a rich history of shipbuilding, lumber trade and everyday commerce. Stroll through the old center and discover historic teahouses, city farms, churches, warehouses, squares and canals. Around Dam Square there are many monuments such as the former Butter Market with a beautiful colonnade and the former City Hall, a stately building with pair of tinted stone, now used as an exhibition space by the Edam Museum. Located on the other side of the square, the Edam Museum is housed in a former merchant's house. Walking through Edam is like visiting an open-air museum.

Edam is another word for Cheese. The place is famous for “Edammer,” the bulbous cheese exported from Edam to all corners of the world. Typical Edam events such as the cheese markets and the water day as well as catering establishments and antique, art and souvenir shops offer everything the visitor needs.


The town has had city rights since 1357 and was granted the right to build a toll-free harbor. This provided the opportunity for the development of trade and shipbuilding that made Edam great. In addition, Edam is known for its herring fishing and cheese trade.


The location and surroundings of Edam

Edam is located on the IJsselmeer, near Volendam. Both places together form the municipality of Edam-Volendam. Right through the center of Edam runs the attractive Damsluis lock. Along Nieuwe Haven and Voorhaven, which date from the 14th century, are warehouses and houses from the 17th and 18th centuries, similar in appearance to the distinguished canal houses built in Amsterdam during the same period. On the shores of the IJsselmeer you can visit the marina and bathing beach. Just outside Edam, near the outer harbor, is Fort Edam, which was part of the ring of fortifications around Amsterdam. During the summer season, the fort grounds and surrounding nature reserve are open to the public at set times. Edam is easily accessible by car or bus.

Plenty to do in Edam

In the months of July and August, there is a cheese market especially for tourists every Wednesday morning from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. On the market square, the famous small round Edam cheeses are laid out for judging. After the judging, the cheese carriers, in their traditional white costumes and straw hats, bring the cheeses on handcarts to the scales in the Waag weighing house. This traditional event is very popular with children. Near the Waag outside the center of Edam is the Great St. Nicholas Church from the 15th century. If you can stand heights, you can climb the tower on Sundays via the wooden stairs past the church bells.


The Edam Museum is Edam's oldest stone building with an impressive stepped gable. The museum is furnished as it was in the 17th century and has a basement that floats on groundwater. The Grote Kerk dates from the 15th century and major additions and restorations have been made over time. The stained glass windows are among the most striking in the Netherlands and are well worth seeing.




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