Daytrips and holidays in the Netherlands

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Welcome in Alkmaar !

City walk Alkmaar

Alkmaar is a beautiful ancient city that is definitely worth a walk. We propose the following walk, which is drawn on the map:

You start at Canadaplein, named after the liberation by the Canadians in 1945.
You walk past the Grote Sint Laurenskerk, the largest church building in Alkmaar. Walk past Granada  a good address for Tapas. You turn into the Langestraat and see Huize Egmont, which was built in 1741 for Carel de Dieu. You continue your route through the largest shopping street in Alkmaar, where you will find the old town hall, which was completed in 1520 after 11 years of construction. Beyond the canal you will pass the Hofje van Splinter, which is more than 350 years old. Give yourself a wonderful moment of the day and enjoy all the goodies that the Koffiemolen Alkmaar has to offer at the Koffiemolen  or take a look across the street in the Strips & Zo store Via the Vrouwenstraat, an old prostitution area, you walk past the nicest shop in Alkmaar "the Gift and Collecting Shop"  and the Molen van Piet.
You walk across the stronghold of Alkmaar, a wonderful green zone at the edge of the water. On the Hofstraat you will see De Baptistenkerk. when you reach the Huigbrouwerstraat, you will still find the “old-fashioned shop of Joh.Boom”  and on your right side Anne & Max , for delicious breakfast, coffee with cake and lunch. Via the Vismarkt, where the fish used to be supplied directly by boat, you are now on the Platte Stenenbrug and you walk along the water on the Verdronkenoord towards the Noord-Hollands Kanaal and take a look at the old building of the Zoutziederij. You have a beautiful view over the harbor on the terrace of Restaurant de Turfmarkt and you can also see the Excise Tower, built in 1622, where the import and export of goods by water was monitored. Continue your Route along the water and turn left into the Keizerstraat. A little further is De Vigilantie (De Waak ability) this is a warehouse that was built in the second half of the 17th century. You arrive at the House with the Bullet, where a Spanish cannonball is still visible in the house. We still celebrate the victory over the Spaniards every year on October 8. In the distance you can see the Waagplein with the Alkmaars pride, De Waagtoren. You continue your route to one of the many courtyards of Alkmaar: Het Hof van Sonoy, where a monastery used to be. You walk towards the Boterstraat, where you will find contemporary shops. Continue the route towards the Paardenmarkt. You walk back through the Bolwerk to Canadaplein. We hope you enjoyed it!