Daytrips and holidays in the Netherlands

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Welcome in Alkmaar !

Cycling route Alkmaar

Where Alkmaar and Bergen meet

A wonderful route where you can fully enjoy nature, after which you cross the historic city of Alkmaar and past the beautiful courtyards and beautiful canals. Along the way you will pass several mills, in particular Piet's Mill. The Piet family has still lived here since 1884. You can also visit Hortus Alkmaar. This route then leads you to Bergen along beautiful rolling polders and flower fields. You leave Bergen and cycle through the polder via flower bulb fields, through the dune reserve, the area becomes increasingly greener. In Bergen aan Zee you cycle back through the dunes to the historic city of Alkmaar

Departure point Alkmaar: Behind the large church—Molenbuurt:

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