Daytrips and holidays in the Netherlands

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Welcome in Hoorn !

Cycling route Hoorn

We also have the possibility to cycle the cycle route digitally via your mobile phone, you can then start at any point of the route. When you click on the yellow bar with show my location on the mobile website, you will be guided to the cycling route via the shortest route

55 km / 4:00 hours

This route takes you through the characteristic villages around Hoorn and the open landscape with striking church towers and centuries-old cheese-cover farmhouses. The heart of West Friesland. On winding roads you will cycle past beautifully decorated farmhouses that testify to the former prosperity. Many national monuments pass by. You tour through bulb fields and beautiful meadows. You will visit Hoorn with its many museums and see on the Roode Steen the Statencollege from 1632 which houses the West-Fries Museum, the Museum of the Golden Age. But above all, visit the harbor. You can visit the Museum of the 20th Century here. Which in is housed in an old prison. But above all, enjoy along the way at the restaurants specially selected for you.

If you want to cycle on the nodes, without digital application, the starting point is:

De Westerdijk: 59-62-63-64-81-86-87-90-44-39-40-41-42-23-2-1-35-30-15-36-58-59