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Welcome in Den Helder!

Information about Den Helder

Den Helder is the northernmost municipality in the province of North Holland. The area Den Helder is also known as the Kop van Noord-Holland or Noordkop. Total municipality of Den Helder has about 60,000 residents. Den Helder is the main naval base in the Netherlands and also the embarkation point for the boat to the island of Texel. Den Helder has a center with several shopping and visit Tuesday Beachcombing Market in the summer months.
Beautiful beaches, beautiful dunes, a lovely harbor with fresh fish!

The location and surrounding area

Den Helder is located in the northernmost tip of the Netherlands, and is surrounded on three sides by water. The North Sea, the Marsdiep and the Wadden Sea. It is a beautiful coastal town surrounded by beautiful nature, long beaches and the Helderse dune area. Here you can enjoy wandlen and cycling. But you can also spend a day in the city of Den Helder. You can also take the Ferry to the Wadden island of Texel. Here you can join the Shrimp boat, mudflat walking, visit Ecomare (seals), enjoy the beautiful nature, sniff culture and there is also a Juttersmuseum on Texel. Den Helder is easy to reach by car and has its own railway station with good connections with Alkmaar, and the Intercity link to Nijmegen. The city can also be easily reached by bus.
What to do in Den Helder.

All there is to do in Den Helder

In addition to the Helderse Dune area, there is also the Huisduinen area, where you can visit the 'lighthouse Kijkduin'. Popularly called 'Lange Jaap'. This is located in the Huisduinen area. You can get a breath of fresh air on the beach of Den Helder, walk and / or cycle through the dune areas. Visit the marine museum or one of the other museums in Den Helder.

Shopping in Den Helder

Prefer a day of shopping? This is also no problem in Den Helder center. Shopping in Den Helder In the beautiful center of Den Helder you will find all kinds of nice shops. From Toys to fashion and from Household to Gift shops. Something for everyone. Indoor shopping is also possible in 'de Kroonpassage'. 20 shops under one roof. Definitely worth a look.

Food and Drinks

There are many restaurants and brasseries and other eateries in the city center of Held, whatever your preference. Den Helder has it.

Art and Culture

Den Helder is a true Marine city. You can visit the Navy Museum where you can get acquainted with the history of the Dutch navy. You can take a look in a submarine. a unique experience. Or visit the National Rescue Museum a fun experience for young and old !. You can get a tour of the harbor yourself on a true lifeboat. Ford Kijkduin is also worth a visit. You can enjoy the history there and the North Sea Aquarium is also located in Ford Kijkduin. Ford Kijkduin is part of the Den Helder defense 'Stelling van Den Helder' around Den Helder, several fortresses (from the time of Napoleon) and some are open to the public.



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