Daytrips and holidays in the Netherlands

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Welcome in Den Helder!

Cycling route Den Helder

44.6 km

Most hours of sunshine can be found in the Netherlands on the North Sea coast. In the North Holland polder, you have a good chance of driving these routes in bright weather. The routes go through the dunes over winding dikes and quiet country roads, you cycle through farmland and bulb fields where tulips, daffodils and hyacinths bloom abundantly in the first months of the season. You can pick strawberries on the way, visit a zoo and sit on wonderfully cozy terraces. The landscape is lined with countless ditches and canals. During your tour you will pass a number of striking buildings, and typical North Holland museums where volunteers tell you heartwarming about their treasures. North Holland where you have a nice surprising conversation, and really get to know our people in the peace and space.

Departure point Callantsoog, Dorpsplein:

26> 12> 94> 8> 5> 1> 4> 20> 6> 75> 18> 93> 92> 13> 84> 26.