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Welcome in Noordwijk !

City walk Noordwijk

City walk Noordwijk and Offem South: 8.8 km

A lovely walk through Noordwijk aan Zee, Noordwijk Binnen back to Noordwijk aan Zee. a walk that takes you along shopping streets, sea and forest. You can also walk the walk with your mobile and at monuments you can read the information in your own language.

This walk starts in Noordwijk aan Zee on the Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard. You walk past the Queen Wilhelmina statue. This statue was donated to the municipality of Noordwijk in 2000 by the jubilee 'Hotels van Oranje'. You can walk quietly along the Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard and 'De Pallaceplein' straight into the center. Lovely along many different shops and terraces.

You walk out of the center via the Schoolstraat, continue your way by following the red line. Cross the Huis ter Duinstraat to the Nieuwe Zeeweg. Then turn into Van Hardenbroekweg. In this way to the Dobbelmannduin and turn right onto the Prins Hendrikweg. Then follow the road over the Oude Zeeweg and Pickestraat, Van Limburg Sirumstraat and then turn right into Lindenplein. At the end, cross over to the Zwanensteeg and then cross the Nieuwe Offemweg. U piece of Noordwijk with many monumental slices. You can walk around the 'Landgoed Klein Offem' through a beautiful wooded area. Then you continue your route to the Nieuwe Offemweg and Gooweg.

Keep following the route, you will walk back to the center and end up in Noorwijk aan Zee.