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Welcome in Schoorl !

Cycling route Schoorl

Cycle route (24, KM)
45 -> 47 -> 20 -> 46 -> 8 -> 7 -> 49 -> 48 -> 45
You start at the High climbing dune in the center of Schoorl. Through the woods to get to Bergen. Then comes more in dune areas with conifer forest. In Bergen aan Zee is no more boom but have an expansive view of the sea. You stay close to the coast to cycle through the splendid dunes to Hargen. Then you return under the trees back to the beautiful Schoorl

Bicycle route "Schoorlse Duinen" offers a magnificent view over the North Sea, but also shows the differences between Schoorl, Bergen and Bergen aan Zee and leads through an extensive landscape of Petten fields, dunes and forests. The heaths, which can also be found in this area, are unique in combination with the dunes. Nowhere in the Netherlands are they wider or higher than here. With a bit of luck you can see a sand lizard scurrying between the dunes, hear different birds chirping and enjoy 800 different types of mushrooms.
** if you want a shorter route, follow the dotted line from junction 29 to junction 21

You can cycle this route with the  Freebee Map brouchure with cycling routes, or scan the QR code and cycle it digitally via your phone.

If you follow the route start at the nodes:  45 -> 47 -> 21->20 -> 46 -> 8 -> 7 -> 49 -> 48 ->13-> 45