Daytrips and holidays in the Netherlands

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Welcome to the city pages of Schoorl

Cycling route Schoorl

Sit back with your family on the bike and wander through the woods, dunes and go on the road of discovery! Rent a tandem !. Spot nearly 900 different mushrooms or see how many plants you can find. Discover how the tulip from Tibet to the Netherlands came into the Land of Fluwel. Play until you can no longer park in the Goldfish. All this while you cycled yourself . Through the dunes, on winding roads embankment, with beautiful tulip fields, in the meadows lambs, goats and cows. Can you just a little further, then enjoy a delicious pancake.


Cycle route (24, KM)
45 -> 47 -> 20 -> 46 -> 8 -> 7 -> 49 -> 48 -> 45
You start at the High climbing dune in the center of Schoorl. Through the woods to get to Bergen. Then comes more in dune areas with conifer forest. In Bergen aan Zee is no more boom but have an expansive view of the sea. You stay close to the coast to cycle through the splendid dunes to Hargen. Then you return under the trees back to the beautiful Schoorl