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Welcome to the city pages of Delft

City walk Delft

To gain an impression of the beautiful traditional city of Delft, we suggest this city walk (see also the map of the centre): Start your walk at the Nieuwe Langedijk Continue your way along the Oude Langendijk next to the Nieuwe Kerk church , with the vaults of the Dutch royal family. Via the Jacob Gerritstraat, walk to Verkade & Jacques, a cheese and wine merchants selling 300 different cheeses. At nr 104 is the former foundling home. On the Burgwal, pass the Maria van Jessekerk church. Via the Beestenmarkt, home to the weekly cattle market until 1972, walk through the new part of the city. When you arrive at the Koornmarkt, cross the water. From the bridge, you will see, on your left hand side, the Oost-Indisch Huis , the former head office of the Dutch East India company from 1631. At the Koornmarkt is the boarding point of Rederij Brands shipping company - enjoy a 45 minute boat trip around Delft. At the Oude Delft, you come to the Gemeenlandshuis van Delfland (former polder authorities) house (1505), and further on you will see the Gemeentelijk Archief (historical archives) building f with the Savoy coat of arms on its gable. At the Sint Agathaplein square is the Prinsenhof, former home of William of Orange  and the Waalse Kerk church (1585). On the other side of the water is the Oude Kerk , a church with more than 1400 family graves, including those of famous people such as Johannes Vermeer and Piet Hein. On your left is the St. Hippolytus chapel from 1400. Cross the Boterbrug , the longest bridge in Delft and former market place for ‘foreign’ butter. Walk via the Oude Langedijk and call in at Drogisterij de Salamander to view the authentic interior from 1759. Walk towards the Markt, the location of the Town Hall (1620), and the Waag (weigh house). Via the Hippolytusbuurt, walk along the water in the old part of Delft. You walk along the Vrouw Jutteland canal . Next to Mehkong is XMei. At this gold and silversmith you can see how jewellery is made. Via the beautiful old part of Delft, you come to the Voldersgracht. Take a guided tour of the Vermeer centre. From the Markt, you have a good view of the Nieuwe Kerk church. Relax on the terrace of cafe Het Konings Huys with a view of the tower. Via the Kerkstraat and the Vrouwenregt, you reach the end of the walk.