Daytrips and holidays in the Netherlands

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Welcome in Egmond !

Cycling route Egmond

Large tour of Egmond and surroundings


Let your hair wave in the salty sea breeze. Cycle through the North Holland Dune Reserve, a unique part of the Netherlands. Enjoy a High Tea at Hotel ‘t oude Raadhuis. Visit the Hortus Bulborum museum garden in Limmen and look at the old varieties of bulbous plants. Seek out the tranquillity of sacred Runxputte, a well-known pilgrimage place in Heiloo. Also take a look in the little church. Cycle through the beautiful bulb fields and pass the castle ruins of Egmond aan den Hoef. This castle was burnt down in 1573 under the orders of Diederick Sonoy. In Egmond aan Zee, you can see the lighthouse of Van Speijk, the lieutenant who chose to blow up his ship rather than surrender to the Belgian enemy. 

You can cycle this route with the  Freebee Map brouchure with cycling routes, or scan the QR code and cycle it digitally via your phone. You can start at any point on this route.

If you follow the route via the nodes, you start at  the Van Oldenborghweg in Egmond aan Zee. Follow your way to:  30->29-> 25->14>15> 16> 22->21-> 18- >17-> 26-> 27-> 34-> 33-> 73-> 74-> 50-> 72-> 71-> 49-> 7-> 8-> 5->4>-30 

Pleasant Tour of Egmond (short)

30.4 km

You start at Bike Mike, in Egmond is an old fishing village where many tourists spend a holiday every year. You drive to junction 30. You cycle through the dune area. At, you can enjoy. You enter Castricum. It is said that the name 'Castricum' comes from the Latin words 'castri locus', which means 'army place'. You will reach the village of Limmen. You cycle through Heiloo. Heiloo comes from: Holy loo = holy forest. You cycle towards the city of Alkmaar. In 1573 Alkmaar was besieged by the Spaniards. The Alkmaarders kept them at a distance with boiling tar and burning bunches of twigs. This event is still celebrated every year on October 8: Alkmaars Ontzet. You drive out of town. Through a beautiful environment you enter the municipality of Bergen. Bergen has over 30,000 inhabitants and is a popular tourist destination due to its many beaches. Since 1900, Bergen has been a village that attracts many painters, writers and architects. You are currently in the center of Bergen. You cycle through the forest and dune area of ​​Bergen. And you drive through Bergen aan Zee. You cycle along the coastal strip and from there towards Egmond aan den Hoef, popularly known as "De Hoef". See Center map for the last part of the route through Egmond aan Zee.

You can cycle this route with the brouchure Freebee Map with cycling routes, or you can cycle it digitally via your phone, you can then start at any point on the route.

If you want to cycle over the nodes, start at junction 30 -29-28-27-34-33-73-6-7-5-4-31


E-chopper route : Around Bergen

This route is specially created for the E-choppers.

26.75 km / 1.34 h

In this beautiful nature reserve you can enjoy many water animals, bridges, locks and winding roads. With the environmentally friendly and silent E- chopper you can fully enjoy these free routes or go exploring by yourself This route starts in Schoorl. You will ride through Schoorl and along the Bergerbosch. Make a stop at the viewpoint 48 meters high and take a look over the treetops. Then you'll drive right into the beautiful village of Bergen. Plenty to see and even stop for a drink at a terrace. Continue through Bergen to Bergen aan Zee, get off to enjoy the beach and the rushing waves of the sea.  Continue the route back through the green polders to Bergen and back to Schoorl.