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Welcome in Egmond !

Information about Egmond

Are you ready for a day of rest or an active day at the beach? In Egmond you will have a great time! Egmond consists of the three, centuries old villages, Egmond Binnen, Egmond aan den Hoef and the cozy seaside resort Egmond aan Zee, it falls under the municipality of Bergen. Egmond is a very touristy place, the beach at Egmond aan Zee attracts many visitors annually. There are many recreational opportunities such as mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and cycling. Many activities are organized in the summer. The Benedictine monks still live in Egmond Binnen.

The location and surrounding area of Egmond

Egmond is located in North Holland in the middle of Kennemerland, a beautiful natural area with beautiful dunes, a wide beach and extensive forests. South of Egmond aan Zee is the North Holland Dune Reserve, which extends to Wijk aan Zee. In the spring you can admire the beautiful colorful bulb fields around the Egmond. Egmond and surrounding area has everything to offer the tourist, sea, beautiful beaches, beautiful white dunes and vast forests where you will have a wonderful time

All there is to do in Egmond

Egmond is a very well-known seaside resort and is very popular with beach lovers. The surroundings of Egmond lend themselves particularly well to cycling or walking, for horseback riders there are kilometers of bridle paths in the Kennemer dunes.

Egmond Binnen is still home to the Benedictine monks who run a candle factory next to the Abbey. Here you can see how the monks make candles and bake pots.

In Egmond aan de Hoef you can find the ruins of the castle of the Lamoraal of Egmond, which was destroyed during the Eighty Years' War. If you want to see the very best spots of Egmond, you can do city walk from Freebee Map, which is in the free brochure or you can walk it digitally through our mobile website.


On the promenade of Egmond aan Zee stands the striking white lighthouse Jan van Speijk, with the bronze lion, it was built in 1841. The Dutch Reformed Church from 1746 is the oldest in the Egmond area, this national monument stands high and dry on the dune sand far away from the sea.

Art and culture

Egmond has plenty to offer in terms of art and culture. There are several museums such as:

- The Museum of Egmond, one of the oldest buildings in Egmond. Inside you can see how the past and the folk life of the three Egmond areas took place. There is a showcase with old ship models. In the "fisherman's room" you can see a box bed, a pot-bellied stove and residents in traditional costume. In the boat shed is the old rowing lifeboat the showpiece of the museum. It is also a fun and educational visit for children.

- The Bunkermuseum 'Jansje Schong' every 1st and 3rd Sunday you can visit this interesting museum.

- The Shipping Museum Prince Henry the Navigator, this is the former home for former sailors. Here you will find maritime paintings, ship models, antiques and curiosities

Shopping in Egmond

In the cozy Egmond you can look around at your leisure in many different and original stores. In the center of Egmond you will find a succession of shopping areas, interspersed with catering establishments. Each piece has its own character. The shopping offer is large and the numerous stores are very varied.

Eating and drinking in Egmond

Egmond is an excellent place to go for lunch, a cozy cup of coffee or for a delicious dinner. On the beach you can enjoy the beach pavilions and there are plenty of restaurants, cafes or terraces in the center of Egmond. Here you can enjoy after a nice day of walking, cycling or lazing on the beach.

Nightlife in Egmond

Also in the evening you can enjoy yourself in Egmond. You will find everything in Egmond for a pleasant evening out. There are various pubs and cafes.

Events in Egmond

Famous sporting events are the Half Marathon of Egmond and the Mountain Bike Tour "Egmond- pier- Egmond" which attract thousands of visitors every year.

Look for current events on the events calendar of Freebee Map.





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