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Welcome in Schagen !

City walk Schagen en Omstreken

13 km

Schagen residents live in Schagen, but an old West Frisian saying goes "Ben ben Hageneze, so benne ok Skageneze". This brings us to the discussion of when to start one are a real Schagenaar. I'll explain it to you. According to the chronicle of Schagen became the Zype, flooded by the sea . The not drowned Zyprians  located themselves then at the southern heights near the Cagen, later Schagen. So a real Schagenaar is really just a Zijpenaar. The book Schimpnamen van Noord Holland contains listed nicknames for residents of Schagen as  “Roodjes” after an old-fashioned apple variety Schagen used to be known for. "Moppen" to a certain kind of nightcap. They also became sometimes called "Vreters"(  eating a lot), but what they ate was not clear. Good, enough talk. Put on some sturdy shoes, because we have a fun walk ahead.