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Welcome in Schagen !

Cycling route Schagen en Omstreken

43.9 km

This route leads you along beautiful polders and dikes along old villages, among others, Schagen Sint maarten and Waarland. The route starts in Schagen. Schagen is centuries old, written in 975 as Scagha, meaning "excellent point. This was referred to the mounds, because only in the  thirteenth century the sea drew back and the land was fertile. Through this area you will cycle across the West Omringdijk, bird lovers can enjoy themselves here. Here you can find the Marsh Harrier, Wanders and Avocet, but also you can encouter a zebra, golden eagle, crested capuchin monkeys, therefor you must be  at Blanckendaell Park. You cycle allong over some of  our beautiful narrow dikes to arrive in Waarland. Here turn right on Smeetsweg to visit the home to more than 1,000 butterflies in Vlindorado. So you see, again, the nature of North Holland has many sides.You and yourè tour at the Markt in Schagen. We recomend Restaurant "Bastard". A name with a nod to the past. A name that refers to the first "lord of Schagen", William of Bavaria. Also called the bastard of North Holland. We would also like to introduce the city garden "De Oude Boom". Also a name with a past. At the time of Igesz, this space already bore this name and not just like that. The big tree in the garden is the oldest monumental tree in Schagen.


You can cycle this route with the  Freebee Map brouchure with cycling routes, or scan the QR code and cycle it digitally via your phone. You can start at any point on this route.


If you follow the route via the nodes, you start at Markt in Schagen  45- 25-43-32-41-74-82-54-55-56-51-52-78-36-45