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Welcome in Schagen !

Practical information about Schagen e.o.

Public transport

Schagen has one train station. This station is about 5 minutes walk from the center, for this you can follow the signs. You can plan your route via the NS.

Transport by car

Schagen is very well indicated on the signs along the road. From Alkmaar, the N245 is the road that ends in Schagen. Parking in Schagen is usually free, around the Grote Kerk on the Markt you will find a blue zone.

Useful addresses and telephone numbers

instantie Adres Telefoonnummer
Noodgevallen   112
Politie koperwiek 2, Schagen 0900 8844
Huisartsenpost Grotewallerweg 1, schagen 072 5180618
Ziekenhuis MCA Huisduinerweg 3 0223-696969
Apotheek nacht Hertog Aalbrechtweg 5a Alkmaar 072 5180618
Gemeentehuis   0224 210400


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