Daytrips and holidays in the Netherlands

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Welcome to the city pages of Bergen (NH)

Cycling route Bergen (NH)

Where the city and the dunes meet (38 KM)
This tour will show you how forest transforms in beautiful polders from there to Alkmaar. This is the tourist attraction of North Holland! Bicycle along the beautiful courtyards and beautiful canals. On the way there you will pass several mills, especially the "Piet Molen". Since 1884 the Piet family still lives here. Leave the city and cycle through the polder. Through the lamp for the North Holland Dune Reserve is the environment always green and dense with vegetation. In Bergen aan Zee is the Sea Aquarium. Step down here and look at the unique underwater world. The landscape changes slowly, and you are in the dunes. Step your bike at Landgoed Huize Glory, see how high the dunes, about 30 feet! Beautiful view from the terrace.

Cycling route (24 KM)
45 -> 47 -> 20 -> 46 ->8 -> 7 -> 49 -> 48 -> 45

Begin your day at Duinvermaak, where you can easily park your car or make arrangements to go on a collective cycling trip. This former tavern has existed for 400 years, and people used to come here on foot or with a horse and cart from the whole surrounding area. This trip will show you how the area has changed from woodland to stunning rolling polders, and you will then arrive in Alkmaar, a very popular tourist town in North Holland! Cycle past the lovely courtyards and impressive canals. On the way you will pass various windmills, in particular the ‘Piet’s Windmill’ – generations of the Piet family have lived here since 1884. Leave the town and cycle through the polder via the bulb fields to the North Holland Dune Reserve, where the surroundings become increasingly greener and lusher. In Bergen aan Zee, stop off at the Sea Aquarium and admire the wonders under water. The landscape will gradually change and you will come to the dune area. Stop by the Landgoed Huize Glory hotel and look at how high the tops of the dunes are – some are as high as 30 metres! Enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace. If you do not wish to cycle, you could also rent a scooter and stop for an ice cream from our Dutch champion ice cream maker.